(From left to right)
Trent: Drums, Vocals
Casey: Bass
Eric: Guitar, Vocals
Matt: Lead Guitar

What's in a name?

Yes, it's a goofy name. To be honest with you, it was alcohol induced. We don't really own a large chicken. It's not some sort of tropical fish - it's not even about an animal. Oh, and we have heard ALL the jokes. Even 'that' one...

The truth is that the name 50 Pound Rooster is very unforgettable. A lot like the music you will experience from this band. Our unique sound combines driving country and southern-rock to create an experience like you've never seen (or heard). Kinda like a 50 Pound Rooster!

Here's a bit about our past(and future):
December 2008 - First original album released
November 2008 - opened for David Allan Coe, Farley IA
August 2008 - Opened for Boston, Sabula IA "Iron Horse Music Festival"
June 2008 - opened for Kenny Chesney & Leann Rimes, Moline IL "Poets and Pirates Tour"
June 2008 - winner of the Kenny Chesney "Next Big Star" contest
January 2007 - opened for David Allan Coe, Platteville WI
July 2006 - opened for Phil Vassar, Clinton IA "Riverboat Days"
July 2006 - battle of the bands winner, Clinton IA, "Riverboat Days"